Giving access to primary healthcare



Most working folks in the slums are daily wage earners. A day out of work due t illness can lead to serious disruptions in livelihood as most live hand-to-mouth. This situation is sadly all too apparent to most healthcare providers in the area who charge steep consulting fees because they know that people don’t have many options. There is also a unholy nexus between area doctors and medical representatives from drug companies with payments tied to the number of prescriptions.

The folks in the slums are also exposed to very high health hazards due to poor public hygiene and sanitation. Uncleared garbage can lie around for months and open sewers are everywhere.

Two Swabhimaan clinics have been operating since 2003 to help the people of the slums gain access to basic healthcare. The primary clinic is open to all and consulting and most drugs are free. The clinic is staffed by a primary health physician on all days except Fridays and Sundays between 11 AM and 2 PM.

The second clinic has a women’s and antenatal specialist and operates in the evenings for women patient’s only. This work is crucial since a lot of new mothers in the area are under-nourished teenagers. Lack of proper professional care can lead to inter generational ill health and poverty.

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