Keeping the promise on education

The central and state governments in India promise mandatory and free primary education to all children through public schools. However the physical and teacher quality at these schools in Bangalore are so poor that they act as little more than mid-day meal outlets for most kids. Teachers are underpaid, under-qualified and frequently absent.

Several private schools have sprung up within the slums to fill this need. In spite of the many challenges they face, these schools are considered a better alternative by parents. However, most have trouble paying the average annual tuition fee of around Rs 8000. Most families have to choose between their kids’ education and other pressing needs. Forced drop outs due to financial difficulties are all too common.

Swabhimaan helps parents meet this challenge by extending financial aid to the best students. To best utilize our limited resources, we conduct diagnostic tests in english, science, math and civics just before the start of each school year. Close to 1000 students turn up for these, of which the top 100 kids are are supported in the form of tuition reimbursement.

Swabhimaan also employs a full time teacher at Sunshine school,pay for supplemental exam preparation classes.

We also pay for teacher training workshops by the 3-2-1 Foundation which help them in lesson planning and conducting engaging sessions.

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