Swabhimaan Covid Relief

Swabhimaan thanks RIST(Rural India Supporting Trust) and PFC(Partnership For Change) along with Svatantra Trust for partnering with us in reaching 5000 grocery kits to extremely deserving families at four Bangalore slums (LR Nagar, Subhashnagar, Karisandra and Rajendranagar).

With their support, we have been able to reach 20 days’ worth of groceries to about 5000 families. This crucial support ensures that families, especially children do not go hungry amidst the pandemic induced lockdowns and economic disruption.

Our hope is that the easing of the lockdown will slowly but surely start to give them some source of livelihood and their lives will get a sense of normalcy back in the next one or two months.

This food and grocery drive ensures their nourishment in the interim. As many of their occupations are physicallly taxing, malnourishment for one or two months can severely affect their ability to become wage earning members again.

The fact remains that nobody “likes” to stand in a queue and collect grocery handouts. These are all people who live dignified lives, who wanted to earn on their own and feed their children; but the last year and half has been extremely devastating for them.

Additionally, a lot of children have missed school since early 2020, abs the families are not in a position to pay fees when schools eventually reopen. Thousands of families are staring at eviction for not having paid rent, and are already disconnected from electricity and water services.

But the single most important and urgent challenge remains hunger and malnutrition, which shows the importance of our grocery drive.

Once again, we thank RIST and PFC for stepping in at the right time to save our neighbors.

Thank you so much.

PS: we will be periodically uploading pictures from the grocery drives to our website under this link.

While distributing 1000 grocery kits in Rajendranagar Slums, Bangalore by our trustee Venkatraman Iyer
While distributing 1000 grocery kits in Karisandra Slum, Banashankari Ward, Bangalore, we helped the transgenders too.
When we helped a flood affected area in ST Bed, Koramangala, Bangalore.

While distributing 1000 grocery kits to Subhashnagar slums, Begur Ward, Bangalore.
While distributing 2000 grocery kits in LR Nagar Slums, Bangalore.

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