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Bangalore’s largest slum is just steps away from the million dollar mansions of Koramangala. Over the last decade, as the city’s population exploded to the 10 million it stands at now, the slumns have creeped and expanded with infrastructure development left far behind.
The neighborhoods of Rajendranagara, LR Nagar, Neelsandra, Austin Town, Vivek Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar have all congealed to form a loose amalgam or urban blight. It is estimated that about half a million people live in these neighborhoods.

The area we provide services in is shown shaded red in the above map. The “water” body that you see snaking through the neighborhoods is a wide open sewer which drains into the Bellandur lake to the north.

Swabhimaan clinic is in Rajendranagara close to the regional passport office. Microfinance activities happen at the Sunshine school which is a little further north near Neelsandra. Daily food drive and periodic clothes donation drive occur in LR Nagar. Finally, weekend engagement for beneficiaries of Swabhimaan’s financial aid happens at Sunshine School in Rajendranagara.

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